Who we are

We offer a fun experience when playing on our servers, we have active staff to safeguard the server from cheaters, as well as a report system if you wish to report cheaters or suspicious activty on our server.

You can check out what servers we offer below. We hope to see you soon and hope you have the best experience on our servers.


This server offers a fun experience as a duo team, as you get your mate and conquer the rust map. Our server features the following.

  • Kits (Starter, Discord, Discrod Nitro)
  • Longer day, Less Night
  • BetterLoot - We have changed the loot tables so its easier and more fun for you.
  • Clans
  • 2x Resources, Pickups & Crate Loot
  • Discord Clan Channels - When creating a clan you will receive a text and voice channel just for your clan! Make sure you linked your discord.

Join in on the rust fun! And maybe bring a friend along to play on our SOLO/DUO server.
IP: play.rustio.online:28115

Join Server


Rank Prices | Supporting the server


$3.99 / month

  • In-Game Starting Kit
  • Discord Role
  • Coloured prefix in-game chat


Frequently Asked Questions

  • In chat type /auth, this will give you a small character code, send this code to the discord bot in our discord server called Rustio. After doing this you should receive a role on our discord and receive the discord kit in-game.


Our Hardworking Team

Drilla Killa


Best of all